Marli Tumê

Tumê Huni Kuin is an expert in the natural medicines and culture of the Huni Kuin people. She is an indigenous female leader of the Huni Kuin of the Humaita River, located in the indigenous territory of Acre, Brazil and has been called upon by her people to serve as a political and spiritual representative and advocate for their culture.

She is the carrier of an ancestral linage of artists dedicated to their ancient art of medicine making, singing and protecting the Amazon rainforest. She has dedicated her life to researching and actively preserving the roots of her culture and re-connecting the Huni Kuin with their heritage that was interrupted by colonialism and exploitation of the Amazon rainforest.

Tume belongs to both the Huni Kuin and Shanenawa people, and weaves these two cultures into the traditional songs and art she shares.

She’s an artisan master, especially in the traditional art called Kene, a style she applies in traditional body painting and handcrafted textiles.

With this deep wisdom she is also coordinator of Hiwea Kiri Beisiti Institute at Espelho da Vida Village and leader of the band Txana Txukuabu, created in 2018 with her family.

Since forming the band in 2018 Tume and her children have been traveling, sharing their music all over Brazil and all the way to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru.

The purpose of these travels is to preserve and share the Huni Kuin culture through the promotion of their ancestral music, art and prayers. They are guardians of the Amazon and the wisdom keepers of their ancient lineage.