Apprenticeship Program


1.- Theory:  4 Months

  • 3 Lecture Sessions per month,  of 2 hours each. Total: 12 Sessions.
  • 2 Support  Personal Sessions per month, of 2 hours each. Total: 8 Sessions.

In this program we will see different indigenous traditions from South America related with medicines such as Nixi Pae (Ayahuasca), Peyote, Washuma, Rape and much more.

From each Plant medicine we have at least 2 cultures related and a tradition that host it. And from this cultures we will see their Cosmo Vision or a deep view on how the tradition was built around mysteries, facts and deep conception of values around the community.

This program is oriented to experience a deep reflection about our role in this world, the purpose we are following and if this purpose is align with global values.

As well I will be guiding you in meditations to open different  channels that need to be more open to fully use your intuition.

The meditations are based in knowledge coming from India, Japan and different Asian cultures. In my personal case I practice specific knowledge coming from some Gurus recognized as peace ambassadors by UN.

This is an invitation to dive into our believes that limit us and to unlearn, to create believes that are more align with what we want as a global intention.

I will be sharing common questions I have been seen in my path traveling all over the world, such as:

What is happiness?

What is motivation?

What is Love?

What is frustration?

Which is my purpose in life?

What link us all together as Human beings?

What is sickness?

What is change?

What is transformation?

What is Healing?

All this questions are oriented to go deep in ourselves and reflect finally in our daily practices in community.

2.- Practical:

After 4 months going deep into the knowledge and with daily practices align with our values, we will go directly to the people I have been learning during all this years

We will visit personally Amazonian ayahuasca political leaders whom I work with helping in the development of their villages to improve life conditions such as homes, malocas, water system, electricity and all kind of logistics needed.

We will meet with Huni Kuins, Shanenawas, Varinawas and Shipibos.

From the Brazilian Ayahuasca leaders we will learn the songs, dances and different dietas they do to keep ourselves in the best way to facilitate.

From the Peruvian side we will visit a Shipibo community close to the Brazilian border experts in different dietas to manage different kind of flow that occurs during ceremonies.

As well we will visit Peyote traditional sacred moments such as Sun Dance, Ceremonies, Temazcal and also if the person want to is possible to do Vision Quest.

If you’re more interested in Washuma, San Pedro we can visit Chavin de Huandar in where the washuma was the main occupation for the inhabitants of this area.

The practical stage we do it totally according the requirement of the assistant.

If you’re interested in everything, is possible to do it.

If you’re interested in a specific medicine path we can create a full journey to go deep in the culture, happiness, joy and fulfillment as choice in life.

For more information:

+1 8085574755